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If you are looking for new and used office furniture and are in the Indianapolis area, Nationwide Office Cubicles is the place for you! Whether you are looking for office cubicles or furniture, we have one of the largest inventories for businesses to choose from. Our job is to assist with any needs and to make sure all of our customers are happy with their furniture. That is why we offer a large variety of services and types of office furniture.

Our Furniture Choices

We at Nationwide Office Cubicles offer one of the largest inventories for office furniture and cubicles. We offer cubicles, desks, seating, storage, etc. For cubicles, we offer new and used. They also vary in size and color. We also offer a selection of height adjustable cubicles that make work easier.

We believe that the right desk is needed for someone to work at their highest potential so that is why we offer a wide variety of choices of new and used desks. We offer Industrial Modern, Transitional, Modern/Contemporary, Executive and of course Height Adjustable desks.

With a new or used desk or cubicle, a new chair could also be needed. We offer a variety of seating choices. For your desk, our Task chairs would be a good choice. We also offer seating for conference rooms and for your guests. For a more relaxed style of seating, we offer Lounge types of furniture, including sofas.

There are other things that an office needs other than desks, cubicles and chairs. One of them is storage. At Nationwide Office Cubicles, we offer Bookshelves, Vertical Files and Lateral Files. We care about our customers and their business so, we do offer Fireproof Files just in case an emergency were to happen.


Our Services

Other than taking pride in our variety of used and new office furniture, we also take pride in the work we do for our customers. We care for all of our customers and their businesses and only want the best for them. Because of that, other than our large variety of furniture that we offer, we also offer a large amount of services that are sure to benefit your business in the long run.

One service that we offer is the liquidation of your office furniture. We know how time consuming and difficult it can be when you try to sell your old furniture to make room for the new. We are here to help with that. We are interested in either buying your old furniture if it has a value, or if it does not have value, we can help to keep it out of the landfill with our Green Intiative, therefore, you can fill out the form under the Services tab on our main page and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

Another service that we offer is Financing. We want to become a partner in your business and see you succeed. We can help you receive the financing needs that your company needs for your furniture. On our website we offer a credit application that you can fill out under Services.

The location of where you will be putting your new furniture in your office is very important. You need to figure out where it will exactly fit. But, sometimes that can be very time consuming and a lot of extra work. That is why at Nationwide Office Cubicles, we offer a free Space Planning services with your purchase. We will help determine where exactly this new furniture will fit in your office. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are happy with the outcome.

Before receiving new furniture, you will have to dispose of the old. Trying to sell it online or trying to dump it can be a real hassle for you and take up a lot of time. That is why we at Nationwide offer relocation and Decommissioning services. We will come to your business and collect the furniture and remove it from your space. We will do all of the breakdown so you don’t have to worry about anything. This will save you time from your already busy work week.

The right furniture can really make a difference in your office building. That is why we take our job seriously with trying to assist you with new furniture. We want to make sure that everything fits right and that our customers are happy. If you are interested in used or new furniture for your Indianapolis office, contact Nationwide Office Cubicles today.